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A travelling artist with wings that have taken her to places near and far, Zaina Alhizami is a painter whose works explore the human condition through colour, pattern, and texture. Bold, intricate and revealing, one receives an intimate glimpse into the psyche of the artist upon closer inspection.


Discerningly selecting her methods of learning, teachers, and mentors, Zaina undertook further training in Tuscany by classically trained artisans. There she learned about the finer details comprising traditional skill and melded it with her forward-facing style. This appreciation for ancient forms of crafting influences her, which is indicative of the broad use of techniques evident in her style.


Zaina incorporates the playful elements of handcraft by innocent and unique experimentation with various materials made available to her. The result is spontaneous and by letting go, she allows the work to form of its own accord. Each piece is a labour of love: Zaina dedicates considerable time and skill to each piece, creating elements by hand to add further depth and dimension to her works.  
Zaina’s works capture the imagination and invite in the viewer. Her work speaks of her femininity, expression and the complexity of the human experience. Influenced by people, places, and encounters, she hopes to guide her audience to find their own connection and meaning both within and to her works. Zaina has a loyal following and has been touted by savvy art collectors as a uniquely talented emerging female artist from the Middle East.


Until recently, Zaina preferred to shy away from public exhibitions of her work, instead choosing to focus her energy and passion into her craft and further exploration of her artistry. Zaina is has been preparing for her first solo exhibition where she will be showing her latest collection. This event is scheduled for the middle of 2020.  Stay tuned for further announcements.

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